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In order to facilitate hands on learning, the laboratories of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications are well equipped with required Hardware and software resources.
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
The Digital signal processing Laboratory caters all the facilities prescribed by the university curriculum, as well as additional facilities required for hands on projects in the undergraduate studies. The lab is well equipped with 26 number of high performance computers. Software packages such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, SciLab, Octave, Visual C++ and Code composer studio are installed in the systems. Real time signal processing studies are carried out using TMS320C6713 and TMS320C50 Processors.
Analogue & Digital Circuits Laboratory
The Analog and digital laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated measuring equipments. It deals with different types of experiments such as, Study of characteristics of active and passive devices, Circuit parameter analysis, Resonant & Transient analysis, Study of different logic gates, Design and analysis of different combinational and sequential circuits, VHDL Programming.
Basic Electronics Laboratory
The Basic electronics laboratory is well equipped with sufficient number of CROs, Function Generators, Universal Trainer Kits and Digital multimeters to enable students to perform basic experiments in analog and digital electronics. The students are strongly encouraged to build their circuits on Breadboards . This enhances their assembly, testing skills with respect to analog and digital circuits. All basic electronic devices and their characteristics, applications can be studied using these devices;
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Laboratory
The microprocessor lab has been equipped with all the latest in microprocessor based technology so that an appropriate knowledge may be provided to students in microprocessor based technology. Microprocessor lab also equipped with 8051 flash Micro controller,8085&8086 processors and various interfacing devices which may helps the students to explore their practical applications.
VLSI Design Laboratory
This well equipped laboratory deals with different types of experiments such as design of CMOS (inveter,NAND,NOR), 4-bit ALU, FPGA devices,logic circuits which may helps the students to enhance their ability towards design process
Communication Engineering Laboratory
This lab takes care of the understanding and hands on training of various analog and digital communication techniques. This lab is equipped with various instruments such as CROs,DSOs Function Generators, and Communication Trainer Kits.
Advanced Communication system Laboratory
This Air conditioning lab takes care of the understanding and hands on training of various analog and digital communication systems like Microwave, Optical and Satellite communication systems. It provides ample opportunities for a student to understand various nuances of the above complicated and advanced communication systems. This lab is equipped with various instruments such as Microwave Benches, Fiber Optics Trainers, Satellite Trainer, Spectrum Analyzer, TV Trainer kits, Radar, DSO, Antenna Trainer and software like LabVIEW, MATLAB and Circuit Maker.

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