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Programming Lab
This lab has the accommodation facility for 34 students at a time. Studies of programming in ‘C’  Lab,  data structure using C  Lab,  Java Lab, Graphics and multimedia  lab, Operating Systems Lab(Unix) and software engineering labs  are provided here. The Lab has 34 HCL  PIV PCs.
Object Oriented Programming Lab
The 35 seated lab has the facilities for the studies like C++. This lab handles the needs  of the students like how to work in an object oriented environment.
DAA  Lab
The 30 seated lab has the facilities for the studies like DAA Lab . The lab is well equipped to handle the requirements of the students regarding design and analysis of algorithms and developing codes to ensure the algorithms.
The 35 seated lab has the facilities for the studies like DBMS Lab and DBE Lab. This lab lays foundation of the students how to interact with a database in real life.
Computer Organization Lab
This Lab is well equipped with instruments and different parts of a computer to help the students in acquiring skill and enabling them to work in any hardware industry once they graduate from the college.
Networking Lab
This lab is equipped with equipments  that enable students to work in networking and communication techniques industry.
Computer Center

This lab has the accommodation of 30 students at a time. This lab has provided with 24 hours leased line of 2mbps (BSNL Broad Band) internet connection.

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